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Ray is very knowledgeable about the LA area and great to work with.

He knew what we were looking for and let us take our time to find the perfect place. Highly recommend.


Ray is super agent.

He always responds quickly and gave many good advice that I never thought myself. His negotiation skill is a top notch. Because of his help I was able to rent this amazing place. Highly recommend.


He was prompt response and set up an appointment with listed agent within a day.

He was very knowledgeable about area and what I really want. I can trust him 100%.


Raymond was exemplary from the start from making sure our offer got accepted to the closing disclosures and delivering the keys to our condo.

He has excellent strategies for the buyer in a time of a sellers market for the benefit of his clients. Ray is very responsive to our questions and requests. He kept us informed and provided his extensive knowledge on real estate buying. Ray can be trusted and is reliable, courteous, and dedicated to his profession. He was also very helpful in making sure we got the property that met our specific needs and objectives. He worked closely with us to get the optimal results.

Precy and John

The app was very easy to use.

I got a response very quickly with the agents. Raymond Hahn was helping me and he was very responsive and helpful in answering any of my questions and very responsive when there were time sensitive issues that came up. Great guy to work with! :)


Excellent agent, very knowledgeable, proactive, VERY responsive, always answers the phone and responds right away.

I couldn't ask for a better agent, I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an expert in the West LA area. Thank you Ray!


Ray is great.

He's a great communicator, and he's very quick. He stuck with us every step of the way, and was patient, encouraging, and very involved as we scouted various properties. I'm extremely happy with the property we eventually landed on. Ray is a phenomenal agent, and an even better human being.


I was looking for a rental in the Los Angeles area while temporarily out of the area.

This is not easily done and finding a real estate agent willing to help is not always easy. Ray heard I was looking for help and called and asked what I was looking for, sent me a list of places, and made calls to check availability and make appointments. This was a great help in my housing search.


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